33 years old from Livingston, NJ
“I met Clint through a mutual friend many years ago, and he’s consistently proven to be an extremely well rounded, reliable, and knowledgeable Personal Trainer. I had always been very athletic and fit growing up. I played football and wrestled throughout grammar and high school and pursued a career in Rugby in College. However, working a demanding sales job at 33 and being extremely goal oriented, I find it much harder to find the time to exercise and stay focused on my health and fitness. For the past 2 years I’ve been using Clint as my Personal Trainer. He comes to my home in Livingston, NJ and customizes my workouts in a way that works for me and allows me to balance my life in terms of my health, mood, success, and overall aesthetics. My energy levels have drastically increased, I’ve lost inches off my waistline and regained the lean, muscular physique I had through all of my youth. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer to set you straight and cut out all the guess work, Clint is the man to do it.”