• Before : 245lbs
  • After : 195lbs
  • Total Loss : 50lbs


29 years old from Chatham, NJ
“In October 2010 I received notification for the hiring process for the New Jersey State department of Corrections, the first step toward my desired career in law enforcement. At that time I was extremely overweight, weighing 245 pounds. And in order to survive boot camp I knew I had to drop weight big time and get my body into the best shape of my life. Going to the local gym in Chatham just wasn’t cutting it. I hired a personal trainer at the same local gym in Chatham NJ and after one session I stopped due to not having confidence in the Personal Trainer’s ability to lead me through effective workouts and without much care. I needed someone to push me, someone who cares about my results, someone who is dedicated in what they do and who wants to see me succeed. So I did some research and heard about Toned at Home Personal Training. It sounded like a great idea so I figured why not give it a shot. So I met with Clint at one of the parks by my house in Chatham, told him what I had to do and what I what my goal was. We started working out and immediately I was impressed with his expertise and ability as a Personal Trainer. He worked me hard, never let me quit, and was always dedicated to me even outside of our allotted workout times. If I was doing something wrong, he corrected me and showed me the correct way. He emphasized the importance of breathing and made sure when I got to bootcamp I would be prepared for anything they threw at me. I started to see a difference in about 3 weeks and DRASTIC results in about 2 months, along with my improved efforts to eat better and live a healthier lifestyle (also through Clint’s advice) . Today I feel great and I am currently succeeding in the NJDOC academy, while every week watching more and more of my peers drop out. Thanks to Clint I went into bootcamp in the best shape of my life! My current weight is 195 pounds, a total weight loss of 50 pounds! Thanks Clint! I definitely refer Clint to anyone who’s looking for a dedicated, professional, effective, and caring personal trainer.”