47 years old from Montclair, NJ
“I have been working out with Clint for two years. I had several reasons for wanting to workout: to lose weight, feel more energetic, tone my muscles, and improve my overall health. Previous to working out with Clint, I gained weight slowly and continuously for 2 ½ years, even though I was exercising regularly. I was walking an hour a day with a friend faithfully, and while she was losing weight, I was gaining. While becoming increasingly discouraged about my weight gain, I was also losing plenty of sleep. I was constantly tired during the day; yet nightly I was lucky to get just a few hours of sleep. My doctor told me these were unfortunately considered “normal” symptoms of menopause. Then in June 2009, I had had enough. I knew I needed to do something different, so I started working out with Clint three times a week for one-hour sessions. Because I was a regular walker, I thought I was in good shape. I was wrong. By Sept 2009, I lost 26 pounds and was sleeping soundly almost every night! My workouts consisted of kickboxing, weight-training, and intense cardio conditioning—things I never did before. I also began regularly using my treadmill and elliptical machine, which I already owned but rarely used, because I’d rather walk with my friend. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after just a few weeks. Not only were the workouts fun, each one was different. So they were never dreadful or boring. I actually looked forward to them. At age 44, I felt I got back the energy I had in my twenties! At my annual doctor visit in March 2010, my doctor was extremely pleased with my weight loss. Because of my age, she also tested my bone mass—which showed a significant increase from my last test. She said it was definitely because of the weight lifting and training I was doing with Clint. All great news! I continue to work out three times a week with Clint because he continues to challenge me to do my best. I have kept off the initial weight I lost, I no longer suffer from sleep deprivation, and my cholesterol has decreased by 50 points! I feel my overall health is so much better. I would recommend Clint to anyone interested in improving your health.”