27 years old from Livingston, NJ
“I hired Clint about six months ago after having him referred to me by a local friend in Livingston and can’t imagine not having him as my Personal Trainer. I never lifted weights before and was clueless as to what it could do for my body. Weights always made me nervous, so I would instead focus on just doing squats, lunges, pushups, and traditional cardio- things I thought were safe and good enough to get the job done. Yet I was always having knee pain… Clint instantly noticed I was doing squats and lunges incorrectly. This is why I needed a trainer… not only was I hurting myself but I wasn’t even getting any results to show for it! Clint has shown me so many effective exercises and I have gained a ton of confidence in the gym. In fact having Clint as my Personal Trainer has made me feel so comfortable with weights I’m even eager to lift heavier now! Clint’s training method consists of hard work with simple techniques- making sure you’ve mastered each movement before you progress to the next level. He gives constant reminders on how to breathe and position your body as to not risk injury. He makes sure you fully understand an exercise and will explain it in as many ways as possible so that it makes sense to you. He is patient and always available whenever I email or text him with questions. Overall, Clint is an excellent Personal Trainer and has changed the way I view fitness.”