Delicious, Easy 70 g protein Omelette

*I still don’t eat breakfast, but I was in the mood for an omelette so I broke my fast this past Saturday with THIS BEAST!

High in protein, low carb, and had me FULL for hours.

Handful of brocolli (first boiled for 5 minutes, then thrown in the pan)

Quarter of an onion chopped fine

1/4 of a tomato (added near the very end- the water from it mixed with the cheese to make a nice light sauce)

1 whole egg

1 cup egg whites

6 ounces of ham

2 slices low fat yellow american cheese (also at the end)

Hitting 1+ gram of protein per pound of my bodyweight can be a challenge on a daily basis, healthy dishes like this help me a LOT. It’s also super fast and DELICIOUS!