Dr Bojan’s study on Intermittent Fasting and it’s effects on Animal and Human Health

After visiting Martin Berkhan’s website (www.leangains.com) for the first time in a while I was surprised and PUMPED UP to find out he was endorsing a pretty comprehensive study on Intermittent Fasting and it’s effects on Animal and Human Health! The link to the study is


But here I’ll give you a small run down of what I took from it and what I feel are the most important bullet points (although I do HIGHLY recommend that you check this out in it’s entirety and take from it what you will).

The majority of the study focuses on the effects of (various forms of) Intermittent Fasting on energy intake, body composition, body weight, aging, cardiovascular health, glucose metabolism, brain pathology, life span, metabolic rate, muscle mass, stress, and possible prevention of various diseases.

Due to popular stereotypes of “missing meals” and “fasting,” most people feel that a 24 hour fast will lead to severe drops in blood sugar and your body going catabolic (the body using muscle as fuel). However, actual studies show no actual decline in blood sugar levels and in the absence of intense exercise, and the body does not use muscle mass for energy.

Double blind studies also show no adverse effects on cognitive performance, activity, sleep, and mood.

In 14 day studies hunger suppressing effects of intermittent fasting were shown, which is something I’ve always preached to others and felt was REAL! So yes, fasting can help cut back portion size and help you make LEAN GAINS!

Meal frequency and/or has no effect on metabolic rate- the main factor in determining metabolic rate is total calorie consumption with a stress on macronutrient distribution. With the most important macronutrient being PROTEIN of course!

The human body generally does not go catabolic for up to 40 hours!

Even in cases where bodyweight did not reduce, body composition improved and those who fast were less vulnerable to all diseases and ailments included in this study.

In summary, stop eating so damn much and let your body take a break once in a while! Now go read the whole study, it’s worth the 15-20 minutes and can provide some good motivation.