I do not offer a discount on packages. I prefer to be paid at the rate you’re quoted for 10 sessions up front by check, or you can pay as you go with cash. I do have a 24 hour cancellation policy so if you choose to pay per session I will need to collect a 1 session deposit up front for potential cancellations in the future.

That depends where you live, if you’re willing to drive to me, and what time of the day you’re looking to work out. Send me an email or call me and I’ll quote you a fair rate for a Personal Trainer in your area of New Jersey.

No, I do not have any female In Home Personal Trainers that work for me. In my experience most women don’t feel comfortable traveling to the homes of new clients in fear of their safety. If you’re a female and you’re hesitant about training with me I have plenty of references that can help ease your nerves, as at least half of my clients are female. And if your husband or boyfriend is concerned I am more than willing to speak with him or let him speak to some of my past and current clients as well.

Women have about 1/10th of the testosterone of men, and testosterone is the hormone in the human body responsible for building and maintaining muscle mass. I haven’t become bulky in well over a decade of lifting weights so chances are 99.9% of females won’t either. If you want to get “toned” you have to build muscle, and to do that you’re most likely going to be lifting weights that are heavier than you initially believed. Usually women that are hesitant to lift heavier weights at first find themselves bragging to their friends about how much they’re lifting by the second month, and are flexing in the mirror constantly by the third!

The best workout is the one you’ll stick to. Even if it’s not the best in my personal opinion, working out consistently with at least moderate intensity is far better than doing nothing as long as you’re using proper form and not doing anything dangerous to risk injury. But to be clear, when you work out with me you’re paying for my expertise- and for the most part you’ll be performing workouts that I’ve designed specifically for you. So embrace a bit of a challenge that I create for you, and I’ll help you come up with shorter, less intense workouts for the days in between.

I can absolutely help you get a six pack. After working with you and learning your exercise and eating habits, we can come up with a plan to train and feed your abs in a way that your body fat lowers into the desired range and we build your abdominals to the point that they begin to show. It’s hard work and the diet isn’t always fun, but if you want it that bad I can definitely help you achieve it!

No, I do not exercise with or endorse Crossfit. Don’t get me wrong, some of their members are in great shape and are very knowledgeable- but the overall attitude and exercise habits of a lot of Crossfitters isn’t what I recommend. I believe in lifting moderately heavy weights and sufficient rest periods, whereas sometimes their gyms do a LOT of max lifting (1 rep max or 1RM). If you’re testing your 1RM too often your chance of injury is greatly increased. My motto is more toward being humble, working out smart and staying healthy. It’s not about being in the best shape of your life this year, it’s about being healthy, fit, and as happy as possible the rest of your life. My view is I’d rather be at 85% of my potential for the next 30 years than have shoulder and knee injuries for the rest of my life that are never going to let me get past 50% in the future.

At first, nothing. Let’s get through a basic workout together before you invest any money in equipment. But if you’re serious about getting results you’re eventually going to want to purchase a few things at some point. But I tend to keep workout routines on the simpler side so there’s no need for anything fancy or super expensive. And I always recommend checking Craigslist for deals on used equipment. The results come from your internal drive and the motivation/knowledge I provide you, not from having a ton of expensive things.

Well as they say, believe none of what you read and half of what you see. The human body is SMART! And it can adapt to all kinds of different eating patterns. This ancient way of thinking is being debunked by millions of people that are having success with programs like the Warrior Diet and Intermittent Fasting all over the world. At 31 years old, I’m the leanest and most muscular I’ve ever been in my entire life- and I have Martin Berkhan and Intermittent Fasting to thank for that. No, my body’s metabolism hasn’t slowed and no, I am not entering starvation mode after 16 hours of not eating. Research shows that people that fast live longer and look and feel better, and in my personal experience it’s also a better way of life.

If breakfast makes you feel good and you don’t think these programs work for you, then eat breakfast. But if you’re a man that’s above 15% body fat or a woman that’s above 20%, you might want to give it a try. The first week or two could pose a mental challenge, but after that a lot of people say their bodies adjust and the program becomes second nature. I know mine did, and it works better with my busy schedule too.