My #1 Priority As A Personal Trainer

All Personal Trainers have their own thoughts and views on what works best- whether it comes to the exercise, rep range, time of day to work out, which diet works best, how many days a week to work out, etc. Most of us would agree something is better than nothing, so as long as you’re active in some way you’re definitely on the right path.

However, a lot of times Personal Trainers get clients that have special needs. Whether it’s because they’re recovering from a specific injury, are significantly overweight, are elderly, have an illness that requires attention, or have limited range of motion, we then have a restriction on the amount of options we have when training them.

Keeping that in mind, as well as the fact that 99% of my Personal Training clients aren’t competitive athletes or getting paid for their performance in an athletic endeavor and have day to day responsibilities, is why my #1 priority as a Personal Trainer is to keep my clients Injury Free. When embarking on an exercise program with me, clients with some of the limitations I’ve listed earlier will probably find that I stick to the same couple dozen of exercises regularly as a way of safely strengthening weaknesses in the body to build overall strength and open up the possibility of what we can do in the future. While variety in workouts is important to some people, staying healthy is far more important.

The most frequent injuries I’ve encountered in my career are knee injuries and lower back injuries, and when these injuries are prevalent it’s a sign for me to eliminate all exercises with a high level of impact on those areas. And when that’s the case, you lose a lot of options as a trainer. However, you must look at every fitness journey as a marathon and not a sprint. I always say I’d rather be in 80% of my physical potential for the rest of my life than 100% for a few months of the year and then slack the rest of the year. Like any major project, slow and steady is always the best way to win the race. Stay patient, perform your exercises the correct way in intense fashion, follow the diet given to you by your trainer or nutritionist, and in due time you’ll reach your goals. Time flies, it will be here before you know it!