My SUPER SECRET trick to cutting down on calories from alcohol

Well, do you like the title??? Did the thought of a SUPER SECRET trick get you to want to buy into my FOOL PROOF SYSTEM?!?! Well if so you might be disappointed, I LOATHE these kinds of article/blog titles and anything super ANYTHING usually annoys me. But I do have a new method I’ve been using to cut down on calories (and hangovers) from booze so you may actually think this is revolutionary and it can make a big difference in your life.

So like most people I do enjoy several cocktails from time to time, and from time to time those several cocktails might turn to a dozen leaving me filled with a whole lot of regret the next morning. This past summer I had a shore house with a wild group of friends and although it was the time of my life, it didn’t involve me having my best foot forward in regards to my health on a fair amount of the weekends.

As summer came to an end and fall came around I still found myself being invited to a lot of dinners, charity events, nights out, and other social functions with friends, clients, family, etc. I’d vowed to stick to a regiment of a single digit amount of drinks per week, and now I was getting nervous I was going to compromise that. And anyone that knows me knows that I take being a man of my word VERY seriously, so I was determined to find a way to not be the awkward guy at the social function always drinking water or being stalked about “what’s wrong, why aren’t you drinking?!?!” every 2 seconds.

So the first event I went to was a charity event with an outdoor bar, and as it was a bit chilly I’d decided to go with a glass of Pinot Noir. For those of you that don’t drink wine, Pinot Noir is a red wine and I prefer white, or Jack Daniels cocktails. So since Pinot Noir is served warm I’d figured it makes more sense since I’m freezing and started sipping on it as I began chatting with some friends and strangers.

The first sip goes down and I thought to myself WOW! No wonder I hate red wine, not only does it give me the worst hangovers ever but this stuff is GROSS! And that’s when my idea hit me! I needed to stop drinking cocktails I enjoyed, as there was no WAY I’d be drinking more than 3 of these! And it worked- after sipping on 2 for about 2 hours time I gave up, had a couple waters, and went home completely sober. It was awesome!

So being that I’m a much bigger fan of white wine and Jack Daniel’s drinks, I’ve been switching it up a lot between various red wines and disgusting things like vodka drinks, gin and tonics (YUCK), bacardi, and whatever else sounds like it would be something my grandfather would have ordered 20 years ago. It’s important to note I feel the need to switch it up constantly because I don’t ever want to develop any kind of taste for any of these drinks, I’m quite pleased that I hate all of them and want to keep it that way! Since September 1st I’ve yet to have more than 3 drinks in a day and keeping to my plan has been much, much easier while still allowing me to be social and enjoy the company of those important to me. So go ahead, order that nasty drink! You’ll thank me in the morning.