One Simple Thing I did To Increase and Improve My Squat

Squatting, or any leg exercise for that matter, has never been my strength. When I see guys my size squatting 300+ pounds for reps or maxing out over 400 my mind is always blown. I’ve worked hard at it over the years and once I got 300 pounds for 2 reps on my best day and felt like the king of all the land.

Anyway, one issue I always had when squatting over 225 is the thoracic region of my back (upper back in the rhomboid/upper trap region)  begins to slightly bend forward and it was really hard for me to stop it from happening. I read a bunch of stuff online, watching videos, and no one’s tips were really working for me. Then, I went on a kick where I was really working my core HARD, and on a mostly daily basis.

Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I’m ALWAYS preaching about the ab wheel. That thing is one of the only infomercial products I’ve ever seen that delivers TRUE results and really works. If I could only do one ab exercise for the rest of my life, it would be the ab wheel. No question.

So I was using the ab wheel for about 3 sets, 3-4 days a week and on days in between I would just do some crunches, glute ham raises, bicycles etc as a way to stay loose, work out soreness, and keep my abs moving but with less intensity. After about a month I hit the squat rack with 225 and VOILA- no upper back tilt whatsoever. I raised the weight to 245, still no tilt! Plus, it felt LIGHTER!

So want to improve your squat? Work your core! Not strong enough for the ab wheel yet? Work your way up with crunches, bicycles, v-ups, etc. Then start with half-reps on the ab wheel and eventually you’ll get there.