Personal Training

Jersey City

I provide In Home Personal Training for clients throughout Northern and Central NJ, On Site Personal Training out of my apartment building in Jersey City NJ, and Online Personal Training for anyone in the world! Click the links below for more info:

On Site Training

Have time to travel to my building’s gym in Jersey City, NJ? If so it will save you a few dollars and eliminate the problem of having no equipment. It is a modern, well equipped facility with everything we need to get you super fit with maximal comfort. Equipment includes dumbbells up to 75 pounds, a smith machine, cable press machines, cable row machines, a punching bag, resistance bands, medicine balls, a pull-up bar and more. The most important part of the gym is that along with the necessities it also contains ME, and together we’re all you need to feel, look, and be awesome. Here are some shots of a few of my Champion clients working hard… (click pics to enlarge).