Restaurant Review – 100 Steps Supper Club in Cranford NJ

After visiting popular French Restaurant “A Toute Heure,” ( several times in the past few years, I felt it was only fair I gave their sister restaurant across the street a shot- the new “100 Steps Supper Club” ( right across the street.

While I’m not often in the mood for French Food (too heavy, buttery for my standards. And while I’m not completely against overeating on occasion French usually isn’t my #1) very often, I thought the 100 Steps Supper Club really suited my taste. Being popular for seafood, oysters in particular, and random small plates ideal for sharing made me excited to try them out and I’m really glad I did.

I started with a variety of oysters, and they were PERFECT. Perfect size, had amazing taste, and weren’t chewy at all. Then I shared the scallops, Pasta (forgot what it was called- was like angel hair) with mussels, and the Pasta with duck. All off the small plates menu, and all were AMAZING! Highly recommend this place to anyone in the area looking for a new spot to try- can’t say enough good things about them. Oh, and the service was amazing too!