Restaurant Review- Old City Cafe and Grill in Cranford NJ

Over the past year or so I have discovered a nice little gem in the heart of downtown Cranford, NJ called Old City Cafe and Grill. A nice little Authentic Middle Eastern restaurant that’s byob with friendly service and excellent food. It might even be more than a year, who knows- but I’ve only been checking this place out for about the past year because my parents are absolutely obsessed and have never heard of the word MODERATION. When they find something they like, they will absolutely beat it do death and there’s no telling them otherwise. Conversations with Dennis Madden usually go as follows:

Me “Hey Dad, where ya wanna go for your birthday?”

Dad “Meet me over at Old City”

Me “Hey Dad, what’s up with Wednesday, you wanna meet for dinner?”

Dad “Yeah sure! Let’s go over to Old City”

Me “Yo DAD! I’m in the mood for Italian food, where can we go to eat for my birthday??”

Dad “Old City of course!”

Ok maybe I made the last one up but you get the point…

The reasons I love Old City are as follows:

Their produce is FRESH! I gladly give them upwards of $14 for a salad because the lettuce and tomatoes look like that of a cartoon- they look and taste so perfect it’s hard to imagine they’re actually REAL! Crunchy lettuce and fresh bright tomatoes- I get the Greek salad and it’s accompanied with delicious olives, cheese, and of course I add protein! Usually chicken. Which brings me to point #2.

Their meat is ON POINT! If I’m going for dinner I’ll usually get a version of their “kabobs” which come on a type of pita bread with some amazing special sauce that I want to pour into my glass and drink like it’s water. Meat is ALWAYS fresh and juicy, you never feel like you’re eating leftover meat like a lot of restaurants like to make you feel. I usually go with the lamb and beef, chicken, or filet minon. All solid choices that I have yet to be disappointed by.

So if you’re ever in the area and want to try something a little bit different check out Old City Cafe and Grill in Cranford!

20 North Union Ave Cranford NJ