7. Do you do Crossfit?

No, I do not exercise with or endorse Crossfit. Don’t get me wrong, some of their members are in great shape and are very knowledgeable- but the overall attitude and exercise habits of a lot of Crossfitters isn’t what I recommend. I believe in lifting moderately heavy weights and sufficient rest periods, whereas sometimes their gyms do a LOT of max lifting (1 rep max or 1RM). If you’re testing your 1RM too often your chance of injury is greatly increased. My motto is more toward being humble, working out smart and staying healthy. It’s not about being in the best shape of your life this year, it’s about being healthy, fit, and as happy as possible the rest of your life. My view is I’d rather be at 85% of my potential for the next 30 years than have shoulder and knee injuries for the rest of my life that are never going to let me get past 50% in the future.