Ways to lower your carbohydrate intake

After trying different ratios of carbs to protein over the years, it was clear to me that “no carb” diets are extremely difficult to maintain and also leave you having to consume TONS of protein to maintain and build muscle mass. So lately my goal when sitting down for a meal is to consume a ratio of one gram of protein to one gram of carbohydrate- sometimes it’s tough but here are a few simple tricks.

1. Try to eliminate subs and most rolls from your diet.

Subs and sandwiches on rolls are a quick easy stop for most people on their lunch break, but they can make it really difficult to lower your body fat percentage. These are super difficult to match with protein because they have a MASSIVE amount of carbohydrates in them. Lately I try to use english muffins and wraps as much as possible, but be careful with the wraps because certain brands are still really high in carbs.

2. Also try to eliminate pasta.

I try to save the pasta for Sunday, but even in this case I still try to get a lot of protein from each meal. I was never a fan of brown rice, but lately I’ve been trying to include it in meals that combine many foods together so the texture is kind of hidden. Also when I get sick of the rice I go with potatoes. You can use these in a lot of different variations and I also really enjoy potatoes.

3. Don’t forget about the sugar in drinks!

Sugar in drinks are also a large reason why people have a hard time losing body fat. Aside from occasional alcoholic beverages stick to water! Water is free, healthy, refreshing, and hydrating. I even stay away from diet sodas and unsweetened iced tea regardless of what they say on their labels. It’s just not for me.

4. Mash vegetables to simulate carbs

I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of mashed cauliflower, this actually comes out quite delicious! Not so much spaghetti squash, but I know tons of people that swear by it so don’t take my biased opinion as fact- give it a shot and see what you think. I’m still looking for a recipe that can sway my opinion, and when/if that day comes I’ll be sure to update this blog.