• Before : 217lbs
  • After : 178lbs
  • Total Loss : 39lbs


48 years old from Millburn, NJ
“I have been overweight for the last 20 years, but really piled it on over the last 2 years. At 45 and in a high stress, very demanding and successful job I found it increasingly difficult to find time to do anything, or more accurately found it easier to come up with excuses. I was completely sedentary – the most exercise I would get was walking to the fridge. One day my adult son sat me down and said that if I didn’t do something I would be dead by 50, and he was right. I have been working with Clint at my home in Millburn NJ for more than 6 years, and it has completely transformed my life. I have lost the weight, am full of energy and am fit – really fit. My work has improved because, having worked out in the morning, I concentrate more during the day. The workouts are no less interesting than they were 6 years ago – Clint regularly mixes it up to focus on different muscle groups or just to keep it interesting. I genuinely look forward to the sessions, which is testament to Clint’s skills as a trainer as I have been working with him from 1 to 3 times a week for more than 6 years. Clint’s sessions are hard work – he doesn’t let you slack off, but without all the “boot camp” rubbish, which would not exactly suit my personality type. Most importantly, they get results and Clint is a genuinely nice guy. I don’t give personal recommendations lightly or very often, but I can say that Clint is an exceptional Personal Trainer and I recommend him without reservation.”