Do you offer packages?

I do not offer discounts on packages and require a minimum of 10 sessions paid up front to work with me. Although I would love to help everybody that reaches out to me, my schedule is usually quite heavy and I only have time to invest in people that are willing to commit to training for at least ten sessions at a time. Sessions don’t expire so if you travel for work often, live in various locations your sessions will always be safe.

How much do you charge?

That depends where you live, if you’re willing to drive to me, if we are working together online and what time of the day you’re looking to work out. Send me an email or call me and I’ll quote you my best rate for a Personal Trainer in your area of New Jersey.

Do you have a female personal trainer that could train me?

I do not have any female In Home Personal Trainers that work for me. In my experience, most women don’t feel comfortable traveling to the homes of new clients and it’s been hard to find someone dedicated to partner with. If you’re a female and you’re hesitant about training with me I have plenty of references that can help ease your nerves, as at least half of my clients are female. If your husband or boyfriend is concerned I am more than willing to speak with him or let him speak to some of my past and current clients as well.

I'm a woman and I don't want to lift heavy because I don't want to get "bulky," so what will we do?

The average woman typically has significantly less testosterone than men, and testosterone is the hormone in the human body responsible for building and maintaining muscle mass. I haven’t become bulky in 2 decade of lifting weights so chances are most females won’t either. “Bulk” comes from eating in a caloric surplus and/or taking performance enhancing substance. I’ve never worked with a woman that felt too bulky from training with me, no matter how hard we tried in the gym.

What is the best workout to get in shape?

The best workout is the one you’ll stick to. Even if it’s not the most scientifically strategic workout, working out consistently with at least moderate intensity is far better than doing nothing as long as you’re using proper form and not doing anything dangerous to risk injury. Your personal preference matters when it comes to your fitness program so I’ll be asking your opinion regularly.

Can you help/how long will it take me to get a 6 pack?

Depending on your genetics, work ethic and nutrition- I can do my best to help you get a 6pack. I personally feel 6 packs are overrated as constant dieting is exhausting, but some people have milestones and goals that revolve around them so I can certainly create a program that is core specific. Diet is such a crucial part of achieving a low body fat % so I can’t stress the importance of having healthy eating habits when it comes to getting lean. enough

Do you do Crossfit?

No, I do not exercise with or endorse Crossfit. Don’t get me wrong, some of their members are in great shape and are very knowledgeable- but the overall attitude and exercise habits of a lot of Crossfitters isn’t what I recommend. I believe in lifting moderately heavy weights and sufficient rest periods, whereas sometimes their gyms do a LOT of max lifting (1 rep max or 1RM). If you’re testing your 1RM too often your chance of injury is greatly increased. My style of training emphasizes technique, safety and staying healthy. It’s not about doing everything you can to be in the best shape of your life this year, it’s about being healthy, fit, and as happy as possible the rest of your life. My view is I’d rather be at 80% of my potential for the next 30 years than be at 100% everyday and deal with the injury/burnout risks that come along with it.

What equipment do I need to work out with you?

At first, nothing. Let’s get through a basic workout together before you invest money in equipment. But if you’re serious about getting results you’re eventually going to want to purchase a few things. I tend to keep workout routines on the simpler side so there’s no need for anything fancy or super expensive, usually dumbbells and some resistance bands will do. The most important part of your training comes down to your consistency and effort, we don’t need an elaborate gym to get great results.

You don't eat BREAKFAST?!?! But Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Aren't you afraid your metabolism is slowing?

I typically do not eat breakfast as I’ve never been much of a morning eater. I have clients that have had success skipping breakfast, cutting off eating around 5/6pm, a more standard format and everything in between. None of them hard your metabolism and none of them are inherently unhealthy. Health is a nuanced topic and everyone is on their own journey. One of my strengths as a Personal Trainer is understanding that, and figuring out which way is best for you.

But I love breakfast! Is it okay if I eat breakfast?

If breakfast makes you feel good and you don’t think intermittent fasting works for you, then you should eat breakfast! However if you’ve never tried it and you’re struggling with your weight we can discuss techniques to ease into it and see if it’s something that makes sense for you eventually. Some of my clients prefer to brush their teeth immediately after dinner to stop snacking (as opposed to skipping breakfast) and I support this strategy for some clients as well! There are “many ways to skin a cat” when it comes to fat loss, I’m happy to help you figure out which way is for you.


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