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My name is Clint Madden and if you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced New Jersey Personal Trainer I’d love to help you reach your goals! I feel it’s important for potential clients to know I’m not an Intimidating, scary boot camp style trainer like you’d see on TV. I take pride in being patient, detailed, and encouraging to my clients so even people with absolutely no experience working out will feel comfortable training with me (but if you’re looking for someone to push you to your absolutely limit I can do that too). I’m a 39 year old man that has turned my passion for fitness and helping others into a fulfilling, fun, and exciting career. I have a realistic approach to fitness with a stress on natural foods and little to no supplements, so you can be assured that training with me will always have your health in mind.

I take a lot of pride in getting my clients fit without getting them hurt, and we have a lot of fun in the process. I aim to design custom workouts for each individual client in a way that a minimal amount of time in the gym will yield the best results possible. So if you’re willing to work hard, be consistent, and have a positive attitude, in due time you’re going to make incredible gains in the way you look and feel on an everyday basis!

The #1 reason I believe I’ve had success in a tough industry with huge turnover is because I am essentially YOU. Someone that wants to be fit, yet indulge in food and drinks on occasion. I believe I’ve established the ideal balance of exercise, eating, consuming alcohol, having fun, and an overall ability to get the most out of life. And sharing that with you makes it a lot easier for me to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning. So if you’re ready to get in shape and are willing to put in an honest effort, give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s set up a time to get you started!

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